The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 5 - New Updated Suspension"

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Vette Brakes Suspension One of the many improvements to be made on this car is to the suspension. Rather than put new "old-design" parts back on, we decided to take an entirely new approach

The new lightweight Performance Plus Suspension (by Vette Brakes & Products) has arrived.

Bilstein Shocks Kit includes Bilstein shocks. 
Anti-sway bars Heavy-duty anti-sway bars.
More pieces Solid mounts for rear cross-member, adjustable strut rods, and lots more.
And still more Lightweight fiberglass transverse leaf... front and more coil springs up front.
Heavy-duty 1969-style front spindles (including heavy-duty studs), Hawk HP-Plus brake pads, master cylinder, etc. (not part of kit).
Moroso heavy-duty extra length wheel studs for the rear spindles. (not part of kit).
Shiny new rear rotors (not part of kit).
Offset trailing arms Offset trailing arms (not part of kit).
Stainless Steel Emergency Brake components (also, not part of the above kit).
Spreader Bar Kit (by VB & P) that mounts between the front shock towers to provide improved front-end rigidity during cornering with large tires.

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