The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 26 - Radiator & Under-Hood Components"

The new Dewitt's Aluminum Radiator/dual-electric fan system
for 1967 big block Corvette.

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Rad hoses.

Fan belts.


Other Under-Hood Components
The old wiper motor is an example of the condition of many of the under-hood components. After 36 years, the last 18 of which were just sitting, it wasn't pretty.

The rebuild went well, don't you think?
No, it's not an original-style finish, but
not much else on this car is either.

The new items to the left are part of the windshield wiper system:
- washer jar (plastic)
- jar cap
- washer jar filter
- chrome washer nozzles and gaskets
- pump rebuild kit
- pump valve
- caulk/seal
- wiper transmission rod covers
- wiper arms
- wiper blades
- washer hoses
- wiper motor to wiper arms clip
- motor to firewall seal

New firewall loom clips.

The steering-column part way to rehabilitation. Some pieces are still dirty, but the under-dash bracket has been blasted.

The new coupler/rag-joint.

New heater blower motor. Not exactly like the original, but I'll be warm. (life is simple if you let it be) -->

Heater blower resistor and heater box mounting bolts. -->

Why mess around with an old heater core. Have you ever changed one of these things laying on your back in a puddle of anti-freeze? New is the only way to go.
<-- Here is the heater box seal kit.
The new heaterbox cover and new blower motor. -->

This is what's on the other side of the firewall. -->


The lower radiator brackets were partially rusted through. They looked okay until I moved the rubber cushions aside, and there was that ugly rust. The lower brackets are welded to the rad support.

Here, too, are the new cushion inserts.

The brake proportioning valve was cleaned up, but new stainless brake lines were used throughout the car. -->

Here is the new master cylinder.

New power brake booster.

Here is the new hood prop and hardware.
The old one was happy to go into retirement.

New hood hinges. One of the old ones had a piece
of the pivot clip missing and was loose.

Under hood weatherstrip seal.

The new master cylinder and old brake proportioning valve were sprayed with Cast Blast paint.

New top-mount battery cables.

Lots of fuel line, fuel filter, pressure
gauge and pressure regulator goodies.

The bonding on of the induction fiberglass
to the underside of the big block hood.

The induction fiberglass was painted
in the middle of Chapter 22.

We used 3M DuraMix and weighted it
down with a battery for one hour.

What is the induction fiberglass, you may ask? Although it did not come on any 1967 big
block hoods, it was a Chevrolet part (from their racing catalogue) sold across-the-counter
in the late  1960s / early 1970s.
Here it is sitting on the big Holley. It provides a means of channeling
cold outside air through the '67 big block front hood opening.

And here it is bonded to the underside of the hood.
The foam element and metal screen sit inside the hood.

Above photo by Rods'n'Rides

And, right behind the radiator is the
Vette Brakes & Products "spreader bar".
This device is intended to minimize shock tower
flex when using very wide front tires.

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