The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 27 - Glass, Weatherstrip
& MiscellaneousTrim"

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The windshield laminate developed several air bubbles along the vertical plane on the passenger side - probably baked by the sun. Time for a replacement glass. Should I make sure to get the correct date code?

P.S. For those of you unfamiliar with glass date codes, those are the tiny little letters in the corner of the glass that can be used to calculate the "supposed" date of manufacture of the glass.

Of course there are lots of businesses quite prepared to go "back-in-time" and manufacture glass with any date you want.

New is nice.

Installed - finally!

This is the proper sealant to install the windshield.

After 37 years, it's time for all new weather-striping.

Both door window channel liners (front).

Both door window channel liners (top/rear).

Both door vent window weather-strips.

Both main door weather-strips.

Both door window seals and related hardware.

Windshield weather-strip.

These are new door hinge weather-strips -- left and right.
The stainless trim around the windshield and rear glass is in great shape. After some cleaning and polishing, back on it goes.  A word of caution -- if removing these on your car, be very careful as they are easily bent or scratched and are extremely expensive to replace.

Oops, one black interior trim piece crept into the photo.

I don't want to have to remove the stainless trim again, so the prudent thing to do is to use all new clips and hardware,  front and rear, to make sure everything stays properly in place.

Both outside mirrors were pitted. Although only the driver's door got one in St. Louis, we're going with two again, like we did for the last 33 or so years.

The mirror support mounting screws were rusted into the reinforcement brackets, so, here are the replacement brackets (left and right).

Since we're using so much new shiny metal on the car, how could we ignore the rear license plate housing. New is nice!

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