The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 28 - Lights & Emblems"

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The original taillight units were pitted, so here are the replacements.
Once again, why go to all this trouble and not use shiny new chrome and lens when it comes to the front signal lights?

I was lucky to get NOS headlight buckets.

New license light lens and hardware.

Do all this work while continuing to wrestle with old headlight bucket hardware? Not bloody likely. I want the hidden headlights to work flawlessly. Man, there sure are a lot of pieces!

After a complete overhaul, the headlight door motors look good and operate smoothly and quietly.

The buckets are mounted and the hardware is going in.


And here's a look at the hidden headlights from
the engine compartment. Neat huh?
The new high beam switch mounts on the left side of the driver's floor. Remember when the car companies used to do that? No???? Maybe you're too young.
The paint on the nose emblem was faded by the sun over the years. Here's the new one.

Time to return the rear-deck emblem to its rightful place. I removed it and filled in the holes approximately 33 years ago.

A new 1967 Corvette gastank lid comes in black primer. It must be carefully masked and painted in the car's body colour. To the right of the lid is the new bezel and mounting hardware. The lid snaps shut inside the bezel.

New hood numerals too. Will we be staying with the 427? Hmmm. Well, on the hood anyway, but 427c.i. is kinda small, no?

Taillights are on.

Hood stripe and numerals are on.

Back-up and license plate lights are on.

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