The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 29 - Bumpers & Grill"

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We've been wondering how the rear bumpers would fit with the new w-i-d-e fenders. NOT A PROBLEM, I'm happy to say. We'll be able to achieve an as-good-as-factory look when it's all done. In Chapter 17, we cut the "behind-the-bumper" raised fiberglass sections off the old fenders and bonded them on the new fenders which didn't come with them. Worked beautifully.

We've run bolts in with the brackets in place to test it all. After paint, all that will be required is some minor shimming.

Here are the front bumper brackets, all sandblasted and painted with POR-15 paint. The middle two brackets will require some minor fabrication to clear the new transverse fiberglass spring that replaced the coil springs in the front suspension.

And, here are the rears.


These photos (directly above) show the original bumpers being
test-fitted once again before they go for re-chroming.

Re-chroming is complete.

The grill has a small crack in it from the bump and push references in an earlier chapter. Looks like a replacement is called for. Here's the new one.

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