The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 17 - Body Work, Part 2"

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With both rear fenders bonded in place, the decision was made to complete the rear body to prime before working on the front fenders. The following photos show the application of putty to get closer to the primer stage.

This product is called "Super Fine Glass" by Super48. It's mixed equally with Evercoat's Metal Glaze Putty (a Polyester Finishing & Blending Putty).

Notice the repair on the inner wheel-well? The roll bar used to pass through there. Since we've settled down into "middle?-age", won't need a roll bar for gentle Sunday afternoon drives in the country.

Getting ever closer. Photos do not seem capable of demonstrating the width of these new fenders. You have to see the car in person.

Maybe once it's back on the chassis with those massive wheels and tires it will be more obvious.

The raised fiberglass piece that sits "behind" the rear bumper outer wings had to be cut off the old fenders. This one is from the passenger side.

Because the mold for the new fenders was taken off a race car that has no bumpers, there was no provision for this piece.

And here is the driver's side with the section bonded on the new fender.

The new exhaust panel, (or lower rear valance as some people call it), fits exactly as it should between the new fenders.

Hi-Build Prime has now been sprayed across the rear body and roof. The doors are simply sitting in place. Next we'll mount them properly to check for fit.

It'll soon be time to remove the old front fenders, lower valance and nose panel.

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