The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 18 - Body Work, Part 3"

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With the rear body close to prime, our attention moves to anticipating changes and repairs to the front of the car.

Let's review the situation to this point. Over 30 years ago, I removed the front bumpers and the signal light fiberglass panels, moving the signal lights into the grill where the bumper brackets normally stick through. And, I applied very mild flares to all four fenders...the only kind available then.

Here's a close-up look at some bump-and-push damage inflicted when some slower cars (read Porsche, etc.) refused to move over. This is passenger front near the headlight bucket.

I'd forgotten about the nose damage, hidden behind bodywork and paint from many years ago.
Here's the new replacement fiberglass panel for the nose.

The lower front valance was also damaged. This area is the passenger side.

The replacement signal light panels will be going back on, along with the lower front valance pictured here.

Inner fenders and firewall will soon be ready for paint.

Doors are on to check their fit.

Ouch!!!! More of the old fender will be cut off as we determine the best fit.

The first look at the new front fender and the signal-light panel taped temporarily in place. More cutting is required before a real fit is achieved.

Spraying hi-build prime underneath as a step in preparing for paint. Yes, we're painting underneath too.....just don't tell Zora, okay?

The new nose panel has been installed.

The driver's front fender is finally bonded in place. The fender was slightly warped in transit, but applying some heat and strapping it in place until the bonding material hardened fixed that.

Here, you see the replacement signal-light panel bonded in place. This required the removal of some material from both the custom fender and this panel to get a good fit.

I can't wait to see the big
wheels and tires under there.

Interesting how "stock" it
looks from the side, no?

One more fender to go.

And, the final old fender is off.

The new one is bonded on.

The lower front valance is now mated up with the new signal light panel. Almost ready for the test body drop!

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