The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 19 - Body Work, Part 4"

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The first part of this chapter is focused on the test body-drop.

It's finally time to reacquaint the two major pieces of 67HEAVEN with each other. We're going to perform a test body-drop to check on door, hood and headlight bucket fit.
As you would expect, we got lots of curious stares and several thumbs up during the trip.....and one guy in a late- model Camaro seemed to be struggling with how to react.

On the way to the body shop, we happened upon a serious accident. Yikes! Hope this isn't an omen.

Yes, those really are P295-50R15 tires on 10" wide rims under those rear fenders. The tread on these is double the width of the original tires.
Here's a look down the passenger side. With a complete big block, hood, grill and lots more, the front should drop about 1.5" and 2". Hmmm, I think we can go wider rims on the front, don't you; but will I be able to turn the wheels without power steering?

During this test drop, I decided to grab a few photos from underneath. The car will be painted body colour underneath, as well. The yellow you're seeing is primer.

Hmmmm. Can't wait to try all this new stuff out.
The front floor pan is still to be cleaned up and primed after the test body fit is completed. An experienced eye will reveal that the seat mount brackets and reinforcements are absent. So are the seat belt reinforcement plates.

Many new brackets and reinforcement pieces are going in. 


Moisture got into the car during storage and most of the interior brackets, bolts, nuts and screws turned to rust. Many bolts had to be drilled out and several metal pieces were damaged in the process.

Simple truth.....I was careless in my storage method, but I'm a big boy now.

All eight body mounts, washers, bolts, etc. are new.

Here's a look at the cushion assemblies.

This is a view of the #3 driver's side mount
in the rear wheel-well compartment.

These clips and screws are used to mount the metal access doors that cover the #3 body mounts in front of the rear wheels (see left).

Thanks to helpful information from JohnZ, Dave65 and others (, we found the correct tool for setting the aluminum rivets used to attach many metal reinforcement plates and brackets (see above) to the fiberglass body. The gun is a typical air hammer, but the actual tool with a concave end is by Chicago Pneumatic #A046089 (Set-Rivet.25RD.401SH) and is shown leaning up against the box in the photo to the right. Click on the photo to enlarge.

I got a new short block under warranty in late 1968. While waiting for the replacement
 block, the mechanic "set" (not bolted) the hood back on and pushed the car outside overnight.
Was the  hood there in the morning? What do you think? The replacement hood had a wow
from day one, but that's being fixed right now......35 years later.

Following the first hi-build prime coat, the application of 3M Dry Guide Coat powder reveals pin-holes and hard-to-see marks on the body that require further attention.


Now that the doors, hood and valance are fitted, we placed the body back
on the wooden dolly. Following block sanding and some minor details,
it'll be back into the paint booth for final prime and paint.

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