The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 25 - Engine"

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Yes folks, the ZZ-502 Premium engine kit has arrived.

Moroso 24440 oil pump pickup
for the new Moroso oilpan.

Since the stock 502 oilpan does not clear the midyear steering linkage, a Moroso 20411 will be pressed into service. There's always a way.

Moroso 25970 dipstick
to match above oilpan.

CenterForce 700148 flywheel

CenterForce DF148552 Dual Friction
Clutch / Pressure Plate

Chevy 502 blocks do not offer the
threaded hole for the clutch pivot.
Here is a solution from
Scoggin-Dickey - a bracket
that provides a place to mount the pivot.
It does require the removal of 1/2" of
the clutch cross shaft, however.


CenterForce N1716
Throw-out Bearing

Holley 12-802-1
Electric Fuel Pump &
Flow Regulator

MSD 8572 Pro Billet
Corvette Tach Drive distributor

MSD 6AL 6420 Ignition Control module
with selectable Rev Limiter.

ARP 130-2201 pressure plate bolts,
Lakewood 15920 .007" offset dowel pins,
and ARP 100-2801 flywheel bolts.

Energy Suspension 3-1114G
Urethane Engine Mounts

MSD 8202 Blaster 2 Coil

Mr. Gasket big block Chevy tall cork gaskets
We're using an AC Delco PF-1218C oil filter.
(not pictured here)
The Holley flow regulator as mounted on an aluminum
bracket designed by Z28Canuck. The bracket was
bolted to the passenger side head using the three
factory bolt-hole positions for accessories.

Also visible in the left-hand photo, is the oil-filled fuel pressure gauge.

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