The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 24 - Seats & Interior"

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Okay, I admit it. Total madness has been reached. The original metal luggage stop had corrosion damage. Even though it is pretty much covered by glued-on carpet, I would know, right?

Besides, new ones are so nice.

Don't know what a luggage stop is? It is riveted across the inner body just behind the seats. It's there to (surprise) stop luggage from sliding forward.

Speaking about luggage, here's the compartment cover made of heavy cardboard or pressboard. All it needs is to be carpeted. Then, we'll add the chrome ring/bezel in the small lift-up access hole near the middle. Originally, factory stickers (jacking instructions, positraction axle) were glued underneath.

 Finally, someone is manufacturing reproduction seat tracks for 1967 Corvettes.....(they're not cheap though).

The original seat backs were worse for wear after 36 years of use, so we have new ones for both seats.

Aren't these new hockey sticks beautiful? They're used as trim on both sides of the driver and passenger seats. The old ones were pitted.

Seat bumpers between seat and seat back.

Misc. seat hardware.

Left- before / right - after.
Zep Citrus Cleaner did an amazing job of removing years of hidden grime from the seats, dash, door panels, etc. We applied Formula 2001 Super Protectant for a good-as-new appearance.

This after-market heat barrier kit is cut to fit the floor exactly and will help to reduce the interior heat and noise levels. They are completely silver in colour, but the flash can be seen reflected in the photo.

Two interior wire covers that fit under the carpet along each door sill. The driver's side actually carries the tail-light wiring harness and rear antenna cable.

These clips are to mount the wire covers.

Upper firewall sound deadener kit.

Set of fastener plugs, and installation tool, to hold insulation to the firewall.

New 80/20 black carpet set.

New 80/20 carpeted mats.

New interior quarter-panel trim in black vinyl.

The accelerator linkage.

New kick panels.

Accelerator pedal and hardware.

New clutch and brake pedals.

A new emergency brake handle. The old one was split along the handle seam. This replacement is not exactly like the original, but I'm sleeping okay at night.

36 years means some hairline cracks in the fiberglass brake handle cover. Here's the new one along with a new slide.

We painted the fiberglass halo panel and all window mouldings with Krylon Semi-Flat. The hole is for the dome light.

Console repair kit.

No, I don't smoke, but here's the new ashtray.

This is a glovebox door refacing kit.

New rear-view mirror.

The inset shows what came in the box.
A new headliner from Al Knoch.

Door switches for interior lights.

Original seats, door panels, dash pads, etc.
Replacement carpet, headliner, glovebox aluminum, gauges and lenses.
The steering wheel? From an early TransAm, of course.
Much better size and grip than the original large wood wheels.

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