The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 23 - Dash & Gauges"

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The instrument cluster has been removed from the dash -- 65,586 miles to date.

Here's what they look like from behind.

The empty instrument cluster prior
to cleanup and paint.

The backing plates following
glass-blasting and paint.

The painted instrument cluster
waiting for gauges.

New instrument cluster mounting hardware.

After the instrument cluster was pulled, we got a good look at the main wiring harness. All harnesses throughout the car are being replaced.

New 6,500 redline tach face...the old one
was starting to rust around the screw holes.

New Temp gauge and Fuel gauges.

All new lens for the small gauges,
the tach and the speedo.

Oil Pressure and Battery gauges.

New headlight switch.

Ready for re-assembly.
Lots of parts, no?

Finally, a fully restored cluster.

Radio and heater dash indicators.

This photo of the dash (laying on the floor of the garage) was taken from a ladder. The dash was far easier to remove than anticipated.

Here it is leaning against the overhead door. Some cleaning and painting is all that's required.

A little Krylon Semi-Flat black spray paint
and the dash is as good as new.

New hardware to mount the dash.

The new radio bezel.

The clock in pieces.

New speaker with proper transformer.

Here, the instrument cluster is hanging on five long threaded rods to allow for temporary clearance behind. This make attaching the myriad of wires, lights and connectors much easier.

Various knobs - heater, wipers, radio, etc.. 

The rehabilitation of the glovebox door.
New brushed aluminum and emblem.
Fresh Krylon Semi-Flat paint.

The dash is close to completion. We're waiting on the new clock.

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