The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 8 - Wheels & Tires"

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These 8" wide x 15" diameter
Corvette Rallye wheels were
used on this car for over 30
years. Two of them will still
be used on the front.
NOTE: The original 1967
wheels looked like these 8
inchers, but were only 6" wide.


Comparing the new 10" rear
wheels with the 1969 8"
front wheels. The wrench
represents the width of the
original 6" wide 1967 wheels.
The 10" wheels are by Wheel
Vintiques of California.

Front 8" Rallye wheels and
Dunlop P265/50R-15 G/T
Qualifier tires are mounted
(white letters facing in).

These P295/50R-15 tires
on 10" wide Rallye Wheels will
be mounted on the rear.
The wrench represents the
width of the original 7.75x15 tires.
Oh, and the originals were "bias-ply" tires......they weren't even radials!


I'm a traditionalist....I can't
help it. I love the look of
Rallye wheels (especially
with the 1967 center caps)
and in the 15" diameter! These
are 10" wide rears.

The 1967 cap centers were showing their age. After replacing two earlier, it became obvious that two more were required to keep up standards.

A P295/50R-15 on 10"
wide wheel mounted at
passenger rear.

Dunlop Tyres Ltd. (an old
British company) has a proud
history extending back to the
19th century, and today is
part of the world's top tire
manufacturer - Goodyear.
Dunlop will be the exclusive
tire in the Rolex Sports Car
Series SportsRacing
Prototype II and GT classes
through the 2004 season.

Here's the spec-sheet on the
Dunlop G/T Qualifier. After
considerable research, I
decided that these were the
best tires available in the two
different widths that I
wanted in the 15" diameter.

Back on the ground!

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