The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 3 - Tearing it Down"

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The A Team....ready to lift the body!
Body Dolly ready to receive.

The dolly was built according to the instructions in Noland Adams "Body Lift WorkBook", available from
Eight team members hold the body in
the air (inside the garage) while we
wheel out the chassis.
Sliding the body dolly under.
Down easy!!!
"Danger - Men Playing" 
Side by Side.
This car was a Build 500 car. Note the white number inside the driver's door.
Here's a close up of the door. In St. Louis, cars were sequentially numbered from 001 to 500 as an in-plant reference or control number. At 500, numbering would begin again at 001.
Here's the same 500 number (upside down this time) on the passenger door. The Build Number has no relationship to the car's VIN.
The number also appears on the firewall, just below the heater box.
And, the 500 on the rear bulkhead just in front of where the gas tank sits.
Waiting for a truck to pick up the
1972 passenger car 454 engine that
was a temporary resident following the dropping of a rod in the L-71. The 454 went to Flavio V. (SuperFast80).
Down to the frame with just a few more suspension pieces and some fuel and brake lines to remove.

Click on the above images to see larger photos


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