The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 11 - Paint & Primer Removal"

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Ready to be loaded in the trailer. This first trip to the body shop is for paint and prime removal and the filling of the holes where the rollbar used to be. Some minor rust repairs will be necessary.
At 20 feet long, this trailer has more than enough room.
This Corvette hasn't moved this far or this fast for years.
This is the way to remove all the paint and under-car crud.
It took approximately three hours.
We even did small pieces like the splash shields.
It took over four bags of Potassium Sulphate, under air pressure, to finish the job.
Here's the website for the company that provides this service....
Much easier and more thorough than doing it all by hand. Leaves a nice smooth fiberglass finish.
Birdcage rust at the lower windshield area - driver's side. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in old Corvettes. New metal will be welded in.
"Rust in a Corvette?" you ask. Yes, in order to provide a semi-rigid passenger compartment, Chevrolet designed in a metal birdcage that was "wrapped" in fiberglass.
The rest of the lower front birdcage wasn't too bad except for a small area at the passenger side lower windshield.
Another birdcage problem is this area above the passenger side striker plate. We're welding new metal in here too.

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