The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 12 - Birdcage Repairs"

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Remember this from the Chapter 11 - Paint Removal? Rust problems at the passenger door opening striker plate area, and....
....rust problems at the driver's side lower windshield area.
Well, here's the repaired door area. The fiberglass panel covering this area has been removed to permit access to the birdcage. New metal was welded in and coated in preparation for reapplying the panel. You can still see the original factory yellowish-green birdcage coating.
Here's a look at the loose panel (just leaning against the door frame). The metal behind this panel was pristine. The rust appeared only where fiberglass did NOT cover metal. See the first photo on this page.
Here's the repaired and coated windshield area.
And a little closer look. When it's time for prime and paint, we'll spray all these areas across the entire inner firewall area.

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