The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 21 - Paint"


Okay, finally, here we go with colour!!!


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First some gray sealer..., Bright Red makes its appearance!

Why is the painting being done in the shop 'outside' the paint booth?
Since there is no hoist in the booth, it was the only way to get underneath.
The underside is done in acrylic enamel for its coverage
qualities and ease-of-touchup later on down the road.

After this acrylic enamel dries, I'll attach the various underside
brackets with rivets and it'll be time to tape off the entire
underside and then paint the topside in basecoat/clearcoat.

Yes, it's true that Chevrolet did not paint the underside of these cars.
However, I pulled out the title and guess whose name is on there.
No, it doesn't read "Mr. Chevrolet".

Here's the ground-coat (sealer).

Ground-coat finished.

And, here's the base-coat.
Next, the doors, hood, lower rear valance, and the headlight buckets & bezels.
Following that, it's time to paint the black stinger on the hood.
Then, it's time for clear-coat and final buff-out.

On the day we painted the body we also re-drilled the hood numeral holes and primed
the hood. Did you notice the doors at the rear left? They'll be painted soon too.


This is how the hood stinger was laid out,
by Kurt's very experienced hand.

The doors are hanging in
the booth after painting.

<------- Do you recognize this piece?

The painter in his domain.
This is Ron - owner & 'Painter Extraordinaire' at
Classic in Oshawa (now located in Lindsay, Ontario) -
New phone number 705-359-2015
Classic Painting and Collision

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Ron, Kurt and the boys for
putting up with my almost daily visits, my jumping in and getting dirty and my
dipping into the fridge....not many shops let you get this involved with a project.

Thanks Ron!

This, gentlemen, is the place for custom paint in Southern Ontario.

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