The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 1 - The Early Years"

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1967 Corvette 427/435hp The car as delivered in
Silver Pearl.
(borrowed photo)
This is a reproduction of the original window sticker for this 1967 Corvette. If you're in the U.S.A., the prices may appear incorrect to you. Remember, these are Canadian prices.
Some local kids couldn't get enough
in the '60s. Could you?
1967 Corvette 427/435hp How it looked after a colour
change to Goodwood Green.

(photo borrowed with kind permission of Stan Dzugan)
  The 1967 Showroom Brochure.
The 1967 Owner's Manual.
Air cleaner decal - 427c.i. / 435 h.p.

This sign (on display
at Corvettes at Carlisle)
says it all.......
"Although this 1967 Turbo-Jet 427 was factory rated at 435 horsepower, many suspect the figure was intentionally underrated by more than 60 horsepower. With three two-barrel carburetors, solid-lifters and a specially ground camshaft, nearly 500 horsepower is a reasonable estimate for an engine that reigned at the top of the performance mountain."

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