The Rebuild of a Legend
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Readers Comments on the Numbers Matching approach....

63Corvette on Corvette Forum

"I bought a new 67/427 coupe on the last day of 1966, and I have not been without a Corvette since. I sold the 1967 to buy a 1969 L-88 which I raced in IMSA in the 70's. My Mechanic had a doctor friend who owned a 63 Z-06 coupe. When the Doctor sold the 63, my friend bought it, and I bought it from him. I have owned this Z-06 since April 75, and it has been authenticated by the Nabers brothers, and by Vince Gill. It does NOT have the original motor (I blew many on the Z-06, and more on the L-88). I am writing because I think this whole 'matching numbers' thing is so useless and overblown. In my opinion, it has spawned a whole culture of thieves and counterfeiters. I can name some names if you wish, and some are NCRS judges! Also, its NOT just the motor, trans, and rear axle; the 'numbers matching' culture demands 'correct' and numbers matching belts, hoses, overspray??, and like the other letter mentioned, 'original air in the tires, and water in the radiator'!!! I think its bullshit! I have no problem with any Corvette owner doing anything he wants with his Corvette, but Corvettes are for DRIVING! That's where the enjoyment is. I have raced my Z-06 in SVRA since 1984, and guess what, that's what it was designed to do.

I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your Corvettes"
63Corvette....Garrett Waddell

Chuck Harmon on Corvette Forum

"I appreciate your comments on 'matching numbers' cars. But, have we really gone far enough? I support the need to also prove that air in the tires is from St. Louis! Did they use water from the Mississippi River to fill the radiators? Someone should check up on this."
Chuck Harmon

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