The Rebuild of a Legend
"Chapter 14 - Wide-Body Panels"

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Finally after months and months of false promises, the new custom fenders have arrived. What do I mean by custom? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well, no not really; but easily able to swallow 'biggie' wheels and tires without losing the prominent C2 belt line.
The second photo to the left shows the old flares...notice the way they break "up" over the belt line? Unfortunately, these were the only flare style available over 30 years ago.
Here's another look at the new fronts.
Although difficult to see in the photos, there is sufficient flare to accommodate the 8" wide - 15" front wheels shown in Chapter 8.
And here are the rears. By the way, it took just over one full year to get these from the beginning of the search to arrival in our garage. Believe me, in this era of factory-correct restorations, finding 'quality' custom body panels for a 1963-67 Corvette is not easy!  Guess that puts me outside the loop, doesn't it?
There is sufficient flare to accommodate the 10" wide - 15" rear wheels shown back in Chapter 8.


I will not provide any information about the manufacturer or distributor of these
fenders as the complete experience was frustrating and less than honourable.
If they aren't out of business yet, they certainly should be.

The new front parking light fiberglass panels, lower front valance panel
and headlight moldings have also arrived. They will complete the return-to-'close'-to-stock appearance.

These headlight buckets help round out what is rapidly
becoming a 'brand-new' 1967 Corvette

And rather than replace only some seized or questionable
components, we decided to replace 'all' of the
bucket-mounting hardware.....and there is
plenty of it!

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This is the car that the above flared fenders are patterned after. It's owned and raced by Mike Donohue. Yep.....10" wide wheels on the rear of a midyear C2 Corvette. Neat, huh? You do remember that the originals were only 6" wide, don't you?

The next image was added to this page in January 2004, following all
the bodywork, paint and body-drop. Does it make the point?

Top - a friend's stock 1965 coupe
Bottom - 67HEAVEN with P295/50R-15 tires on 10" wide rims and the
tires are completely under the body....."inside" the belt line.

 If you've only reached this point in the story.........yes the car is now painted.
You'll see it all in later Chapters.


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